From Myth to Philosophical Anthropology
The Development of Political Theory: A Critical Analysis by Richard J. Bishirjian, Ph.D. and Lee Cheek, Ph.D.


The Development of Political Theory: A Critical Analysis was first privately published by Dr. Richard Bishirjian in 1978 to serve as a supplement to assigned readings in a history of political theory course that he taught at the College of New Rochelle from 1972 to 1980. As such, this little book was intended as a companion to the original texts assigned in a course that was required of Political Science majors at CNR. That course was based on a course on the same subject taught by Professor Gerhart Niemeyer at the University of Notre Dame, where for two years Dr. Bishirjian was Niemeyer’s Teaching Assistant.

In the thirty years since much has been written on each of the individual subjects of the original work, and Dr. Cheek and Dr. Bishirjian want to incorporate much that is worthwhile in ‘recent’ scholarship so that this book might once again be of assistance to students of Political Science. We have only begun, so postings to this site represent a work in progress. Still the foundations of the original book were basically sound, and we feel confident that this new home will attract the comments of our professional colleagues, and give our students greater insight into the central ideas that shaped Western Civilization.

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