Dr. Lee Cheek, chair of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Division at Brewton-Parker College, was recently invited to join the Editorial Board of Humanitas, an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to promoting the humanities, including the social sciences.

Cheek formerly served as the editor of the journal from 1988-1991. Humanitas is a publication of the National Humanities Institute, a Washington-area “think tank.”

Joseph Baldacchino, the current editor of the journal, said Cheek was asked to join the board as the result of his academic accomplishments and scholarly devotion to humane learning.

Cheek’s books include Political Philosophy and Cultural Renewal (Transaction/Rutgers, 2001; with Kathy B. Cheek), and Calhoun and Popular Rule (University of Missouri Press, 2001; paper edition, 2004); Calhoun: Selected Writings and Speeches (Regnery, 2003), and Order and Legitimacy (Transaction/Rutgers, 2004). He has also published more than 50 journal articles in publications such as the Journal of Politics, Methodist History, International Social Science Review, and is a regular commentator on American politics.

Cheek's current research includes completing an intellectual biography of Francis Graham Wilson and a study of the political thought of Patrick Henry.