From Myth to Philosophical Anthropology
The Development of Political Theory: A Critical Analysis by Richard J. Bishirjian, Ph.D. and Lee Cheek, Ph.D.


  • Read the preface
    1. Cosmological Myth & Origins of Political Science
    2. Platonic Philosophy versus Sophistic Rhetoric
    3. Aristotle’s Definition of Political Science
    4. Philosophy of History and the Community of Mankind
    5. The Medieval Philosophers
    6. Machiavelli
    7. Hobbes’ Science of Politics
    8. Locke’s View of Limited Government
    9. The Politics of Revolution: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    10. Modern Political Religions
    11. Apocalypse, History, and Politics
    12. The Recovery of Political Theory


    Origins and End of the New World Order

    Daimonic Men

    Hegel and Classical Philosophy

    Croly, Wilson, and the American Civil Religion

    An Unpragmatic Theorist

    Justice Story’s Influence on American Law

    American Conservatism Revisited

    Recovering Moses

    A Disquisition on Government